At Ember Body Piercing, our commitment lies in offering you an exceptional experience, ensuring cleanliness, and delivering enduring piercings that stand the test of time.

Our skilled piercers at Ember are not only exceptionally trained but also hold certifications in BBP, CPR, and First-Aid. We maintain our dedication to the forefront of safety protocols by pursuing annual education at the Association of Professional Piercers Conference.

The Association of Professional Piercers, an international non-profit organization based in California, is devoted to disseminating crucial health and safety insights about body piercing to piercers, healthcare professionals, legislators, and the public at large.

We exclusively use implant-grade jewelry designed for long-term body wear.

Each piercing procedure is carried out meticulously at Ember, irrespective of whether it's a trendy navel, nostril, nipple, or a more intricate ear stylings.. Our approach is marked by patience, precision, and care.

Bring Valid ID

In the state of Nevada, individuals aged 18 and above can use a state-issued photo ID, preferably a Driver's License, as a valid form of identification.

Alternatively, you can bring a passport. If you have any inquiries regarding identification, we encourage you to contact our staff in advance.


Kindly note that we operate exclusively by appointment to provide you with a personalized experience. Booking your appointments is convenient and hassle-free – you can secure your slot directly through this website. Your convenience is our priority, and we look forward to serving you at your chosen time.

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Eat Prior

We strongly advise our clients to enjoy a balanced meal a few hours prior to getting any piercing. Consuming food helps stabilize your blood sugar levels during the piercing procedure. Additionally, we kindly request that all clients arrive in a sober state. Not only is it a legal requirement for us to avoid piercing individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but this also ensures a more comfortable and less painful experience.