What is Ear Styling?

Ear Styling is a service designed to utilize a clients pre-existing ear piercings to create balance and flow with new jewelry that compliments one another.

Prior to your Arrival

Upon booking a styling appointment, we will ask you for your jewelry / style preferences as well as a photo of your ear for our stylist to use later on.

Prior to your arrival at your appointment, our stylist and jewelry specialist will pre-select jewelry options that fit within your criteria.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, we will inspect your ear anatomy in person to confirm our ideas are viable and that you approve the overall design idea. Once approved then we begin touring the jewelry options with you!

This is a collaborative process and is the most important part of a styling. The jewelry chosen is what makes or breaks a styling. We want your new ear to have balance, cohesiveness and great style!

We understand that it can be difficult to just visualize the chosen pieces on your ear. To better assist in this our stylist will render in jewelry choices and possible new piercings directly over the photo your have previouly uploaded.

FAQ's for Styling

Our styling minimum is $500. This simply means that the jewelry chosen and applicable piercing fees must total at least this amount.

You need to have at least 3 pre-existing piercings (this doesn't include your "first" earlobe piercings) that you’re purchasing jewelry for during this appointment time. To get an idea for jewelry price ranges, please visit our online shop.

To see how we structure pricing for new piercings, please visit our pricing page.

To best assist you in your ear styling, we do not allow additional guests at this appointment.

Still have questions? Drop us a text at (725) 221-9868