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Ear Styling

What is ear styling?

Ear styling is a service where you are paired up with our stylist / piercer to upgrade the jewelry in your pre-existing ear piercings as well as add new piercings to create balance and flow.

Before your appointment

At the appointment booking process, our system will ask about your jewelry / styling preferences as well as a photo of your ear.

Once we recieve this info, our piercers start to review and prepare for your styling.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, our staff will have jewelry and styling notes prepared to show you. Our staff may ask additional questions about your jewelry preferenecs throughout the appointment to better assist you.

Stylings are a collaboration, but our staff is here as needed to assist in guiding you towards a cohesive jewelry theme and layout.

During your appointment

Our piercer will start the appointment by looking at your ear and confirming what pre-existing piercings you have. They will then discuss their ideas of new jewelry and piercing placecment with you.

Once you and your piercer are both happy with the plan, all your new jewelry will be installed and new piercings added.