Welded bracelets.

A Solid 14K Gold chain is permanently welded together around your wrist (i.e. no clasp! These stay on all day, every day). Get a permanent bracelet for an extra dose of daily sparkle.

Welded Bracelets FAQ

Our chains are minimalist for everyday wear, so they can come off if pulled with excessive force. As such, please be careful with snagging. We may be able to re-weld bracelets if they come apart but cannot replace missing bracelets

Our bracelet chains are Solid 14K Gold & 100% Recycled Gold. Nothing plated or filled, ever!

Nope! We have stratigically chosen chain styles that won't pull on your hair.

Currently we are only offering bracelets, but we are open to exploring other types of jewelry in the future!

When needed, our bracelets can be easily removed with scissors.

Remember to keep the chain! We can re-attach it later.

Definitly! These bracelets are considered fine jewelry and will pass airport security.

Please contact our customer service team here. If your bracelet falls off within two weeks of your appointment, we will schedule a complimentary re-welding appointment. 

If your appointment was more than two weeks ago, we can re-weld your bracelet for a nominal fee.

We do not currently accept walk ins at this time.  If you don't see any appointments on the calendar, it means that all available appointments are booked.

We are able to install a permanent bracelet on kids 16 years old and older with parental consent.

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Still have questions? Text us at (725) 221-9868